Mash appoints Risto Illukka as Group CEO

Press24.02.2020 03:40


The Board of Directors of Mash Group PLC has appointed Mr Risto Illukka, MSc, as Group CEO. Mr Illukka has worked in Mash Group since 2008, including as CEO of the Group’s subsidiary Mash Finance PLC, in several board positions in group subsidiaries and as a Board Member of the Group parent company since 2017.

In the Group CEO position, Mr Illukka follows Mr Gaëtan Van Wynsberghe, who will continue to work as the CEO of two subsidiaries as well as being an advisor to the Board of Mash Group.

Group Chairman Tommi Lindfors comments: “I would like to thank Gaëtan for his excellent work and his continued commitment. The new structure is ideal for Mash, as it secures the experience of both exceptional individuals within the Group. Risto truly deserves this position and both positions are now more strongly aligned to add value for Mash Group in the upcoming 12-24 months.”

For more information, please contact:

Mr Risto Illukka
Group CEO
+358 40 501 1270