Mash is a rapidly growing international fintech group headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Luxembourg, Madrid, Stockholm and Warsaw.

Mash Group in Brief

Mash Group Plc (Mash) has developed an efficient payment and financing business model and system in the market, and is a leading service provider in key European markets. Mash´s fully automated and internationally scalable payment services allow for consumers to make easy and flexible payments at partnering online and offline stores and service providers.

Mash also offers real-time credit solutions for consumers under the Euroloan brand, mainly in the form of unsecured consumer loans.

Our vision is to drive the fundamental change in the financial services industry through being the leading provider of technologically superior financial technology for online payments and financial services management.

Mash Group Structure

Group Companies

Mash Group totals nine companies including the parent company. Mash Group Plc owns the entire share capital of all eight subsidiaries either directly or indirectly as described in the figure. Mash is headquartered in Helsinki (Finland), and has offices in Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Madrid (Spain) and Luxembourg. The related figure describes all the Group companies by country.



Our payment solution helps online businesses create enjoyable checkout experiences, offer customers flexible payment options, improve customer service, and achieve significant growth.


Point of Sale
Mash and Verifone provide merchants a convenient pay later option to make their customers' shopping easy and flexible.

shopping bags

Consumer Finance
Mash offers consumer financing under the brand name Euroloan. Fully automated service allows for 24/7 application processing and lending.



Our values are something we live by every day at work.

We Enjoy Tough Challenges
We are entrepreneurs at heart. We are curious and eager to learn. We build our future success.

We Work Together
We work together with perseverance and a smile. Success is defined by how we help each other.

We Trust and Respect Each Other
We embrace diversity. We are empowered to speak up and we listen to understand.

We Master Complexity
We use data to make great decisions and prioritize to deliver effectively.

We Disrupt for Our Customers
We leverage technology, partners and superior service to deliver next-generation experiences.




Important notice

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