Making purchases should be easy and flexible for everyone. So should making sales. So should being in control of your personal finances. We say yes.


A Seamless Future

Tomorrow’s purchases won’t be dictated by plastic cards, pin codes or deep pockets. It will be powered by technology working behind the scenes, making every transaction seamless, flexible and worry-free.

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Our ecommerce payment solution helps businesses of all sizes to improve and grow by creating a seamless checkout experience, offering credit for new customer groups, allowing for larger purchases, and improving customer experience.

  • Mash integrates into most eShopping platforms and individual eCommerce service providers.
  • Customers choose whether to pay for their purchases by invoice or in installments.
  • Mash takes care of identification, onboarding, credit-scoring, payment and invoicing in seconds.
  • Pre-registered customers enjoy a credit limit of up to EUR 10,000.
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Point of Sale

Mash and Verifone provide merchants a quick and simple pay-by-ID option to make their customers shopping a breeze.

  • Mash is made available through the merchant’s Verifone device.
  • Customers choose Pay-by-Invoice and enter their social security number.
  • Mash verifies their credit rating in real-time and approves purchases up to EUR 3,000.
  • Customers receive a 14-days interest-free invoice to their home.
  • Upon receiving their invoice, customers decide whether to pay within 14 days, choose flexible instalment payments or apply for a credit limit of up to EUR 10,000.
  • Mash bears the credit risk.
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Consumer Finance

Mash offers consumer financing under the brand name Euroloan. Euroloan was established in 2007.

  • Consumers can apply for a credit of up to EUR 10,000.
  • Easy-to-fill applications are processed automatically in a couple of minutes.
  • High level of automation allows Euroloan to give out credit decisions 24/7.
  • Withdrawals can be made at any time.
  • When consumers make repayments, their available credit is replenished allowing for repeat withdrawals.
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Important notice

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