Online or in-store, buy what you want with a simple Mash invoice processed on the spot with no hidden funny business.


Make payments and track pay-offs.

Access all your purchases, schedule payments and see when items are paid off in full.


Check Your Balance

Mash offers a free and secure SMS check for you to see how much you can Mash. Go to your country’s Mash site for details.


Free yourself up with Mash

Get what you want, when you want it, with a flexible way to pay. Mash lets you choose your monthly installment plan—with no money down and no hidden fees.


Pay for purchases later—with no hidden fees.

Get your purchase right away. Your first payment won’t be due for 14 days.

Who’s Choosing Mash?


What are People Saying About Mash?

quote Lauri, 37

It’s expensive to remodel. And that means looking for a loan. Mash was a quick and easy way to combine buying and financing in one.

quote Saini, 64

Everyday healthcare can become expensive. With Mash, I got the care and flexibility I needed—immediately, and on my terms.

quote Lilja, 32

Mash was super fast for my home renovation. I was really surprised. No paperwork to wade through. I was able to buy what I wanted immediately, and now I love the new look of my home.

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